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About Guadalupana Deli

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Ricardo has been a regular fixture in the Woodhaven neighborhood area for the past 6 years. But behind his current presence, there is a history of hard labor to reach that point today. He worked as a food preparer assistant in a Queen's Greek deli for 15 long years. He saved every penny for his dream of owning his own deli to come true. So he did. 

However he didn't know how to cook, only food preparation (?)

So his cousin came to the rescue; working shoulder to shoulder (until today) and teaching him the secrets of the original Mexican food recipes to satisfy everybody's taste, they made their way into the highly competitve Mexican food market in Queens, NY.

And so we have it today, serving the Woodhaven neighborhood with an ample smile, traditiobal Mexican Breakfast, Lunch & Diner and delicious Mexican treats and specialties.   

Don't miss your chance to be part of this history...

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